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COVID-19 NOTICE:  ****WE ARE OPEN**** WE PROVIDE ESSENTIAL SERVICES AND REMAIN OPEN TO SERVE YOU, OUR PATIENTS AND OUR COMMUNITY IN THIS TIME OF CRISIS WITH COVID-19. Homeland Security has determined that chiropractors provide essential services in this time of crisis with COVID 19 allowing us to be open. If you need help with neck, back or other pain, Creative Natural Health remains open to serve you, our patients and our community in this time of need.  We are sanitizing all equipment before use including chairs and tables. There is usually no wait however, we have chairs outside or you alternatively may wait in your car if waiting is required so you may remain socially distant. WE ARE STERILE, CLEAN & SAFE.  We are open M, W, F from 9 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 7 PM.  Stay safe and healthy, Dr. Norm Adelkopf.


There are many conditions that can occur because of a care accident or other injury. The most common ones we run into at Embassy Lakes Accident and Injury are neck pain, low back pain, joint problems, whiplash and headaches. There are many more condition that we can help with a well such as mild traumatic brain injuries, balance vertigo and temporomandibular disorders. Click here to call us and learn more. Contact Us

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