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Connective Tissue Work


Connective tissue work is done to assist the body's healing mechanism. The body uses scar tissue to heal all injuries. If left to its own devices the body will use this scar tissue to heal injuries in a random and unorganized fashion. This is not a good situation because order and organization is needed in healing. If the tissues do not heal with organization fashion adhesions are formed in addition to more scar tissue. This may cause pain and disability in the future even when healed.

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Working on connective tissue encourages injured tissues to heal in an orderly and organized fashion. There are many forms of connective tissue work that can be done after an accident or injury to help with healing. Among them are soft tissue massage, myofascial release, myofascial trigger point work, range of motion exercise, strengthening exercise and neuro-muscular reeducation. All of these forms of connective tissue work is utilized at Embassy Lakes Accident & Injury Center to achieve the best possible outcomes in your rehabilitation after an automobile accident or other injury.