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At Embassy Lakes Accident & Injury Center rehabilitation is of the utmost importance in achieving the best possible outcomes in healing your injuries.

We use a clinically proven system of rehabilitation in our office that is easy to do and gets great results!

Many rehabilitation offices will cycle patients through a battery of passive therapies (therapies where you lie still and no one touched you) on every visit till there is no more money left and then release you. While this may offer you a small amount of relief in the short term it does not do much too much to help your injuries heal properly in the long term.

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Active therapies (therapies where you are actively working and exercising injured areas) are required to help the tissues to heal as best they can. Unfortunately once injured, muscles, tendons and ligaments never heal like they where new. Because of this it is very important to intervene as soon as possible with active therapies such as range of motion exercise and strengthening exercises to encourage the best possible outcomes in the healing process. With out these types of therapies the injuries heal in an unorganized fashion and encourage a lifetime of increased pain, disability and osteoarthritis in the areas of the injury.

At Embassy Lakes Accident & Injury Center we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through everything that you need to do to get the best possible outcomes in rehabilitating your injuries.