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What Is Triage?

Triage is defined by the Merriam-Webster, dictionary as:

"...the assigning of priority order to projects on the basis of where funds and other resources can be best used, are most needed, or are most likely to achieve success".

Triage is a very important part of our practice at Embassy Lakes Accident & Injury. The doctor has post-graduate training and credentials in this very area of practice. It is very likely that the doctor will recommend a specific diagnostic test or to referral to a specialist. It is very important to first determine the types of examination, treatment, diagnostic tests and specialist referrals that may be needed. It is also important that the doctor be able to "quarterback" or direct all these activities to the proper place at the correct time. Many offices leave this up to the patient and the other providers involved.

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At Embassy Lakes Accident and injury Center we are very "hands on". We do not leave anything to chance. We handle the referral of every diagnostic test and every specialist for you so you do not have to. All you need to do is show up.

This is what triaging is...determining what services, testing and referrals to specialists you need for your specific circumstances. In addition, coordinating all of this activity so that you have the best possible outcome from your care in our office, We do all the work!