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Auto Accidents

Data On Automobile Accidents

The number of automobile accidents that occur in the United States every year is in the millions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration puts together a report every couple of years on crash data. In 2015 the report indicated that over 6.2 million vehicles were in an accident that was reported to the police. Most crashes are not fatal. Contrary to what the legal community would have us believe, small fender bender types accidents can cause serious injuries. This fact is supported by many peer reviewed research articles that are available through our office. One thing that continually surprises us is that many accident victims find it more important to go to an attorney before they consult with a doctor for their injuries. The single most important thing you should do when you have been in a automobile accident is to consult with a chiropractor for complete consultation and examination. As mentioned above, even minor crashes, with little or no damage to your vehicle, can cause signification connective tissue damage.  This damage that can progress to pain and chronic problems later in life if not treated as soon as possible.

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What Should You Do If You Are In A Car Crash?

After a car accident there is a tremendous amount of confusion and stress. Assuming that you are not seriously injured, most importantly you should first try to remain as calm and collected as possible. This will enable you to analyze the scenario around you. Try to get out of your car and move to the side of the road where you are safe from on coming traffic. If anyone seems to have life threatening injuries or is even minorly injured call 911. Minor injuries can sometime lead to more serious complications. If it appears that no one is injured call the police. Try not to move the vehicles unless life threatening circumstances prevail until the police arrive and complete their report. The vehicle positions can be important in determining whose fault the accident is. If there is so mush damage to your vehicle that you can not drive it you will have to call a tow truck to move it to a location for repair. If the crash was bad and you were injured the police may ask you if you want an ambulance or just call one automatically. the paramedics will examine you and take you to the hospital for a thorough medical examination to make sure that you have no life-threatening injuries. The same day or the next day if accident happened after hours you should contact your insurance company to report the accident and get a claim started.

This is the point a which you should visit a chiropractor for thorough chiropractic consultation, examination and x-rays if needed. Remember, even seemingly minor accidents with little of no damage to the vehicles can cause serious connective tissue damage that can lead to permanent degeneration and disability later in life. If you feel that you need legal representation this would be the time to pursue such a course. We work with a number a honest and ethical attorneys that are skilled in personal injury. We will be happy to provide you with 3 or 4 of these contacts for you to choose from.

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I Am Not Hurting. Why Should I Visit A Chiropractor After An Auto Accident?

You Have 14 Days After An Accident To Seek Care or Else!

The Florida State Statues indicate that after an accident, the victim has 14 calendar days to have an examination for injuries sustained in the accident. This examination can be with almost an health care provider, including the hospital, as long as it is specifically related to the accident. if you when to the hospital after the accident this counts. If you do not go anywhere after the accident, and 14 days passes, then you loose all of your auto insurance benefits related to medical coverage. You loose all your benefits even if you have faithfully paid your premiums for many years with no incidents. This is very unfair, even unethical but it is now the law.

Delayed Onset Syndrome

We see it all the time! People who get into accidents who either don't feel any pain right away or think it is not that bad and maybe it will go away only to find it gets worse. This is so common there is a name for it - Delayed Onset Syndrome. Often injuries may take it weeks months for symptoms to manifest and can get worse as time passes. Beside the obvious negative result of waiting to see a chiropractor because of delayed onset syndrome people are tricked into waiting past the 14 day period to get examined for the accident and loos their benefits.

Scar Tissue

It is much harder to treat older auto accident injuries then new ones. This is because scar tissue forms as the body tries to heal itself on its own. Unfortunately. once injured the body never heals like new. The body heals using scar tissue which if left to it's own devises will lay down the scar tissue in an scattered and unorganized way. This causes adhesions and a decreased painful range of motion. Chiropractic care assists in directing the body to heal in a less scattered more organized way decreasing painful adhesions and creating pain free range of motion.

These are great reasons to see a chiropractor immediately after an accident.

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What Symptoms Are Common After An Accident That Might Indicate Injury?

As indicated above, because of delayed onset syndrome, not all symptoms will be obvious immediately. In addition, pain or discomfort are never, ever normal. Pain ans discomfort at any level is the body's way of telling us something is wrong. You should listen to your body. That being said the following are all symptoms that may indicate injury

  • Visual Changes
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in Ears
  • Headaches
  • Low Back Pain
  • Mid Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Pain Down the Arms or Legs
  • Muscle stiffness

How Do Chiropractors Treat Auto Accident Injuries?

There are many different non-evasive chiropractic techniques used to treat patients of auto accidents. All of them work. At Embassy Lakes Accident & Injury Center, we use the newest equipment available and the most current techniques to treat even the most complicated cases. We readily refer and co-manage patients to the most qualified specialists available when needed. Seeing a chiropractor as early as possible after an auto accident allows the patient to avoid or slow down years of pain and disability that would normally ensue with no treatment.