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Medical & Legal Help

Beware Of Legal/Medical Referral Services

There have been articles written in the news and laws proposed that highlight the potential dangers of using legal/medical referral services. There is no fast and easy way to get to the right professionals for your medical and legal needs. It is a bit harder then calling an 800 number for a referral.  It takes a bit of research and investigation to make this decision. One great way to help with the decision is "word of mouth". Ask everyone you know if they know a great doctor or a great attorney that can help you. Keep in mind that many doctors and attorneys specialize in specific areas of practice. Not all doctors or attorneys know how to handle the complexities of car accidents, slip and falls and/or work accidents. It is best to research doctors and attorneys that specifically specialize in personal injury. As an example, in addition to many years of practice, Dr. Adelkopf has advanced post-graduate education and credentials in many different aspects of personal injury to assure patient's get the very best medical care available. This is evidenced by his curriculum vitae, which can be viewed here.

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Honesty, Ethics And Integrity

It is important that you find a doctor and a lawyer that value a high level of honesty, ethics and integrity in their business. You can be assured that at Embassy Lakes Accident & Injury Center we never engage in any activity that is immoral, unethical or dishonest. Above all, we have your best interests and fastest recovery in mind. All of our actions are focused on those two goals.

Do You Need Legal Help?

Do you need legal help? At Embassy Lakes Accident & Injury Center, we are not attorneys! So the question of needing an attorney is not a question for us to answer. However, having made that statement most likely you are not an attorney either. An attorney is the best person to answer this question. If you would like us to make recommendations, At Embassy Lakes Accident & Injury Center, we work with a number of attorney's that we believe have the same commitment to honesty, ethics and integrity as we do. We will provide you with the names 3-4 of these attorneys and allow you to choose the best one for you needs.