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Bodily Injury Research

Bodily Injury Research

Bodily Injury Research Crash Test Dummy In Crash Car
Brady Holt, IIHS crash test dummy in Hyundai Tucson, CC BY 3.0

Dr. Adelkopf is a member of a national medical-legal research organization called the U.S Chiropractic Directory. The U.S Chiropractic Directory publishes research that has been proven in a peer reviewed research environment. According to the U.S. Digital Sciences Corporation, as of this writing, over 18 million visits have been recorded to the U.S Chiropractic Directory for medical-legal research since it's inception. There are many papers covering the topic of bodily injury research to be read.

Research is important because a large part of diffusing deceptive defense/plaintiff rhetoric in when settling or in court is through scientific research that verifies the facts around the plaintiff's injuries. As member of this group Dr. Adelkopf has access to hundreds of peer reviewed medical-legal papers and white papers on the topics of medical legal and bodily injury research.

Research Topics of the Most Concern in Terms of Settle and Verdict

The subject matter of the bodily injury research on the U.S Chiropractic Directory is vast however, some of the most requested topics and topics of the most immediate concern in terms of settle and verdict are:

  • No damage crashes mean no injuries
  • All arthritis indicates injuries are pre-existing
  • Most herniations were present previously, but asymptomatic
  • All strain-sprain injuries are transient and not serious

All of the bodily injury research on the U.S Chiropractic Directory is available to doctors, lawyers and lay people alike for free.

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Many Interesting Bodily Injury Research Papers

There are many more interesting papers that in some cases have been read by hundreds of thousands of people. Examples of particular interest to personal injury attorney's are:

Why are Accident Engineering Reports Incomplete And/or Misleading?

Age Dating Disc Herniations

Motor Vehicle Accidents - Little or No Damage Collisions & Demonstrable Verification of Energy Transferences to Cause Bodily Injury

Crash Dynamics and Accident Reconstruction Q & A's

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